Pole closing update.

South Pole is closing. The season is ending. Temperatures are dropping. Rumor around the water cooler is that tomorrow may be the last nice day for a while. Word is -80s are coming. -80F is too cold for flights to land. I’m either out of here tomorrow or Thursday. I’ve handed over my keys to … More Pole closing update.

My own Guinea Pig

“I’m glad you didn’t die” Doctor Dave, my on-ice colleague, says to me with a smirk and a bit of snark, as I relay the results of my unplanned science experiment. He appears mostly entertained, but also slightly horrified. Earlier this week we discussed my plan to ski out the back of the station past … More My own Guinea Pig

New Year, new Pole

The ice I’m standing on is about 9000ft thick and is moving about 10 meters per year. The entire ice sheet is slowing moving towards the Weddell Sea, generally westward. As the ice sheet moves, it takes our home with it, and the marker identifying the Geographic South Pole. In order to compensate for this, … More New Year, new Pole

#2 for the win!

The air here is thick and temperatures are warm. People are in t-shirts. It’s a veritable tropical paradise. The temps were, allegedly, in the POSITIVE 20s. Roughly 50s degrees separates where I started the day and where I ended it. I am in the beach front escape known as McMurdo. And I’ll be here until … More #2 for the win!

Getting smaller….

There’s a saying on the ice that “you come for the adventure, but stay for the people.” While people initially come down for the challenge of living and working in Antarctica, it’s the community that tends to bring them back year after year. A certain personality type is drawn to the ice and those types … More Getting smaller….