12-14-19 Daily Commute

Three weeks of delays. Three weeks of living out of my hand carry, which, owing to fortunate foresight, had some extra underwear, socks and toothpaste, although not enough for three weeks. Thankfully, there was laundry in the clinic. Three weeks. But I’m here now. I have arrived at West Antarctica Ice Sheet Divide (WAIS Divide). … More 12-14-19 Daily Commute

12-6-19 6 crashes

“Ya know, I’ve been in six crashes” he mentions casually. “The fuck?? I don’t wanna be in a plane with you!” I reply. We are sitting in the galley at the airfield as mishap builds on mishap. The weather is not looking so hot. We thought we could catch a weather window, but it turns … More 12-6-19 6 crashes

11-17-19 Upgrading

The power went out on station the other day.  Which is less than ideal as our station population has ballooned to about 800-900 people. Fortunately, the blackout was short lived. As was the second time we lost power that day. And the multiple subsequent episodes. All in all, we were with power and without power … More 11-17-19 Upgrading

Full Rain Man

10-25-19 It’s Sunday. And a beautiful Sunday at that. Consequentially, my roommate (who will soon by one of my 11 camp mates at WAIS Divide) and I are putting on warm clothes to walk to the neighbors. The New Zealand base in only a 15-20 minute walk away. We chat about the previous evening as … More Full Rain Man