I’m a tinker now

The sun here, in New Zealand, in the best of circumstances, is intense. After a year in Antarctica, it is damn near unbearable. Even Joe the Dego is sunburned. “Is this what it feels like to be Irish!?!?” 

Yes, yes it is. Perpetually sunburned. And he had a beer in his hand. It was like a cultural immersion. Perhaps now there will be a little less grief when I apply my usual inch thick layer of sunscreen. Or perhaps not.

Before Joe got to New Zealand, I wasn’t sure if would all be new and exciting and just different enough to be interesting. OR if it would be just different enough to annoy him and it would be two weeks of rants.

Two weeks of rants, apparently.

We’ve got a campervan, full on tinker style, with two beds, a sink, stove and a fridge. We camp most anywhere most nights. New Zealand is well set up for travelers. Mostly, we are out and about on the north end of the South Island. That’s where a lot of the rock climbing is. We got rained out the first few days. We tried a route and got rained off it. Which was, somehow, my fault. We were going to get rained on regardless, so I’m not taking the blame for that one.

As well as New Zealand is set up for travelers, not every area is ideal. We stayed somewhere we may or may not have been supposed to, so had to get up early this am to avoid the local law enforcement, assuming we were in actual violation, which we probably weren’t. And were subsequently treated to a lovely sunrise over the beach. Followed by toast and eggs made in the back of the van. Full on tinker style. dscn0484dscn0522dscn0517dscn0503dscn0502


One thought on “I’m a tinker now

  1. What a crazy and amazing life you lead, Chris! Always looking for a new challenge. Some day you’ll need to be a teacher of young minds so that you can share your adventures in a way that will help open their minds to the world. Or else write a book!

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