dscn0410It’s a strange relationship we have to tourists down here. For instance, I had dinner with Anthony Bourdain last night. And by “had dinner with” I clearly mean sat three tables away. But, we were both eating dinner at the same time in the same galley, thus we had dinner. Some folks were excited. Apparently, he’s an alright guy. He sat and chatted with the galley staff and some firefighters for a while prior to filming whatever was getting filmed, which looked like a bunch of people that I share meals with just sharing a meal.

Riveting stuff.

But the other part of the population kept trying to calculate how much he weighed, how much his crew weighed and how much all their equipment weighed. Because that weight could have been a lot of mail and fresh veggies. And flights are at a premium. I’m sure it’s great PR for the program. And programs based solely on the pursuit of boring science, like trying to discover the origins of the universe ( I mean really people, a telescope operating a 1/4 degree above absolute zero aimed at the sky trying to use microwaves to discover how the universe formed???? pfft. LAAAAAAME. Give me more Anthony Bourdain standing around eating things), need PR. But, damn, that’s a lot of fresh veggies. Word on the street is that there is about 3,500lbs of mail, waiting in Christchurch to come to South Pole.

Not gonna lie, I would’ve happily traded a celebrity chef/food eater for 3,500lbs of mail. Or freshies.

He’s no Buzz Aldrin.

Although he was a guest on Archer. Which means I’m one degree away. So I basically had dinner with Archer.

Still not worth 3,500lbs of mail.

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