Swedish Peacocks

“Fatside is going to be here that week. Let’s convince him to come early and we ALL go to the festival”

Generally snarky and obnoxious test messages ensued. Fatside is in.

The Rabbit, Fatside and I all lived together in Prague years ago. Over a decade ago. We hadn’t all been together since The Rabbits wedding. There had been an attempt to have a 10 year reunion in LA. Unfortunately, someone chose that weekend to light the Chicago airport on fire, so the Rabbit and Fatside (who happened to be in the Windy on unrelated business) were stuck. No flight would get out that weekend. Only about half the crew was able to make to LA. I had seen both separately, but never together.

Chicago was playing host to a three-day music festival this past weekend. I decided, while still on the ice, to go. I would fly from Dallas to Chicago and then on to Seattle. It was the right decision.

Hands down, the Swedish bands hand the best frontmen. Strutting and peacocking about and generally entertaining the disjointed masses. And the best dressed.

But it was a legendary band playing a no-name bands slot that got my attention. Early afternoon on Friday saw the Specials take the stage. I enjoy the Specials, but they aren’t that special to me. Except that they played one classic song. And many, many bands have covered it. And a couple of others have written songs poking fun at it. The Terror Tykes covered one of the latter. So when that song came over the speakers, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Later that night, another band came on that we had actually covered. We even recorded one of their tracks. Before they came on, I decided that if they played that one song, one of so many, I would record it and send it to the Tykes. But when they actually did, I couldn’t record it because I was too busy dancing like a buffoon and screaming my head off. The rest of the festival went along in similar fashion. I woke up quite horse. This went on for two more days. My mornings/days were spent eating tacos and catching up on all the things I’d missed while on the ice. Then at night, off to the festival.

In one weekend, I managed to reunite with Prague roommates at a music festival that had bands playing that my band in Antarctica covered. I feel like I am officially transitioned back to “the real world.”me-first

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