Is she singing yet?

The first flight of Winter Flyover (WinFly) was supposed to land two days ago. It still hasn’t arrived. The weather at this time of year is notoriously fickle. It has warmed up enough to snow and has been doing so, more or less consistently, for the last few days. I went on a hike yesterday that is typically a scramble up loose rock that was a pleasant jaunt up snow covered slopes. It’s still snowing. I’m not sure what the weather looks like for tomorrow, but it may be a bit of a process getting this flight in.

Delayed flights mean delayed freshies. And delayed mail. Delayed freshies and delayed mail mean a disgruntled population. The episodic introduction of something new, veggies or luxuries from Amazon, is a highly anticipated event around here. It lifts spirits. There is an excitement throughout the station around flights.

“The flight’s delayed. Again.”

“Thank god.”

That was the conversation at lunch yesterday. The community, with the exception of those delayed in leaving, seems to be encouraged by the delays this time around. The first flight of WinFly means the end of winter. When that plane lands, our season will be over. The community as we’ve known it these last few months will morph into something totally new and different. We’ve settled into our winter routines and few are looking forward to having those routines obliterated. There is a begrudging recognition that the flight is coming. Soon. But the delays give the most minor respite. People are making plans to “hibernate” until their release date. They will disappear and turn over the station to the new people. Rather than stand up to the tide, or turn and ride the wave, they simply choose to get out of the water.

And it means one more day before the wifi gets turned off.

I will be on one of the next few flights. If Mother Nature decides to play with us instead of against us, the next time I post will be from New Zealand. There will be sun and traffic, good coffee and noise, fresh veggies and cell phones. I’ve got plans to travel around with some friends from the ice for a bit. And I’m definitely going out into the mountains. It would be unthinkable to be in New Zealand, with plenty of time, not to get out into their storied hills. I’m taking in an All Blacks vs Argentina rugby match. And then I’ll head home.

It’s a mixed bag, but I’m definitely looking forward to getting out of here.

And definitely looking forward to getting to South Pole shortly thereafter.

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