I’m out!….maybe

Today should be my last day on the ice. Barring any (further) mechanical delays, by this time tomorrow I’ll be New Zealand. Even though I’m leaving on my predetermined date, I’m actually a day late. “Dude.” “Dude?” – we’ve both been here all winter and complete sentences or thoughts are often unwarranted. “Did you talk … More I’m out!….maybe

Is she singing yet?

The first flight of Winter Flyover (WinFly) was supposed to land two days ago. It still hasn’t arrived. The weather at this time of year is notoriously fickle. It has warmed up enough to snow and has been doing so, more or less consistently, for the last few days. I went on a hike yesterday … More Is she singing yet?


(I’m scheduled to leave the ice in 11 days. The Terror Tykes played our last show on Saturday. I’m trying to find out if anyone took pictures, if any turn up, I’ll post them. It was the last “event” before I leave the ice. My tribe of Iceholes is scattering, returning from the end of … More Familiarity

Triumvirate of kickass

We are coming towards the end of the Winter. The sun is getting close to rising again. Meal time discussions have shifted from whatever the next event is to post-ice plans. Winter is followed by “Winfly”, which will see a tripling of the population and ultimately by “Main Body,” which will see a population explosion. … More Triumvirate of kickass

Just a lazy Sunday?

“If we get to the edge of the sea ice, there’s the potential for hazards you’ve never experienced before in your life.” He said “never experienced before,” not “likely” or “you’ve probably never.” Interesting. “You’ve got to watch out for leopard seals.” Ah, yes. He chose his words appropriately. Leopard seals are an apex predator. … More Just a lazy Sunday?