Can’t stop the rock

Stories of shenanigans, with ensuing hilarity and occasional heartbreak, committed by bands on tour are legion.  Adversity overcome due to an all-consuming desire to rock out. That drive and determination pushes men to new heights. This past weekend was no different.

“Attention on-station, attention on-station. Standby for severe weather announcement…..”

We are packed and loaded into the van. Everyone pauses to listen to the crackle of the radio. We knew inclement weather was predicted. It’s been the talk of the galley for a solid day or two. Would the party over the hill at Scott Base get cancelled? Station management knew a great many of us were headed that way, which would, I think, make them a little more conservative, a little more likely to call the weather and bring us all back to our station.

“Condition 2 for the following areas………Condition 3 for the following areas……”

Con3 for the US station, the Kiwi station and the road in between. Unrestricted movement for the moment. The first international Terror Tykes tour is still a go!!

Getting to the other side of the hill was a bit touch and go. Even from two seats back, I could see how poor visibility was. Blowing snow obscured the road and the flags marking it. To our left was a scree covered hill. To our right side was the down slope of the same hill. The van is staying to the left. I can feel my body slightly tilting to the right.  We slowed to maybe 5 mph. Creeping, creeping, creeping. And then the winds decreased. Visibility improved. We rounded the bend. The pea green walls of Scott Base came into view. We exit the van into a slight breeze, just enough to kick up loose snow.

“Drive safe tonight” I say as I close up the doors to the van.

“yeah, ok, thanks” is the only reply.

The Kiwis have done up one of their warehouse/workstations. There is an elevated stage in one corner with a make shift bar facing it. The Union Jack hangs behind the drum set. It was also, accordingly to our one token Brit on station, hanging upside down. Most of us had no idea it could be upside down. Even now, knowing that the top is different from the bottom, I still can’t tell. But, we are here to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. The first five of six musical acts warmed up the crowd. The last one, the final musical assault, took the stage.

We dodged the suspect weather. We carried on through stage decoration mishaps.

And we rocked it.

(pictures to follow. Haven’t gone through them yet.)

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