Midnight Mile

“hey doc….” “what’s up man?” “I think I need to come to medical. There’s this weird water stuff on my face” as he wipes his brow, breathing heavily and chuckling at his own joke. It’s not often that people are outside and sweating in the Antarctic Winter. All things considered, it was pretty nice out. … More Midnight Mile

Square Frame

I live on “the harsh continent.” This is a place not meant for man. Without special gear, there is no surviving it. Currently, it’s -62F. It was -65F last night. The wind is howling, which makes for a very different cold than the equal ambient temperature. It’s also a place of incredible beauty. I spent … More Square Frame

Can’t stop the rock

Stories of shenanigans, with ensuing hilarity and occasional heartbreak, committed by bands on tour are legion.  Adversity overcome due to an all-consuming desire to rock out. That drive and determination pushes men to new heights. This past weekend was no different. “Attention on-station, attention on-station. Standby for severe weather announcement…..” We are packed and loaded … More Can’t stop the rock