I’m throwing social bricks

I did something today, something that has been known to upset the social order. People tend to get set in their ways. It is especially so during the Antarctic Winter. Change is feared. Drastically. There are routines that are not to be altered.

When I first got here, there was rampant discontent in the galley. The napkins had been moved. No longer on each individual table, they were now more centrally located. You may think I’m being facetious, but people were genuinely annoyed.

It wasn’t until the napkin order was incorrectly placed and the galley was forced to go back to napkins on each table that things settled down. Such is the level of routine here.

So what did I do? What was so horrible, what would cause such uproar??

I sat at a lunch table at the far end of the galley. Typically, I sit in the middle. I like those folks. I felt like changing it up. Did it actually cause an uproar? No. I’m exaggerating. But the bit about the napkins, well, you can still see people get miffed when I bring it up. Which I do. To miff them.

What happened when I callously invaded another groups turf? They’re my friends, so I was welcomed. But they had just helped out moving some furniture, and as their reward, the person in need of furniture moving presented them with a slice, a delicate, green slice of fresh avocado. Now, mind you, I had moved no furniture. I had no right to the green loveliness. But I happened to choose the right place to sit at the right time. And she wanted to not be rude. Months ago, the greenest avocado that could be found in all of Christchurch was purchased and brought down to the ice. She had stored it, loved it, cared for it since then. Since February. Since February, she had kept a watchful eye on this piece of loveliness. Waiting for the opportune moment to share it. And today was that moment. It is Taco Wednesday. (Why is it Wednesday when clearly tacos are for Tuesdays?? Why isn’t it “Taco Tuesday” like the rest of the normal world? Because Antarctica is the least normal place in the world. And Taco Tuesday is for rookies and communists).  So today, I attempted to place a slice of avocado in one of my tacos. But found that I couldn’t.

Because I just ate the slice all alone, in all its glory.

What’s the moral of the story? Throw bricks at the social order. Be the instigator of community upheaval. Because you might get an avocado.

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