Sniffles and tears.

In these conditions, when it is almost mid-winter on the ice, it’s hard to determine whether a sniffle and a tear carry the same meaning as it does at home. Eyes tear up and freeze. Sniffles are commonplace when outside for any length of time. It’s just part of life in Antarctica. The last sunset … More Sniffles and tears.

I rock out. Part 2

“Man, I really needed that. Not doing sound. Not playing in my own band. Just to drink beer and dance.” It’s cold outside, but the heat inside is oppressive. It’s the heat generated by constant movement. The smell of sweat and beer permeate every corner of the bar. There is a very distinct type of … More I rock out. Part 2

Well hello there

0729hrs my pager goes off. We officially open the clinic at 0730hrs. I’m thinking to myself, “really man? really?” Pager: “Auroras visible from town. Look up on your way to work!” Ah. Ok then. So I wandered down behind the science center, out next to the helipad and looked up. Green and taking up 3/4 … More Well hello there


I do my laundry in the clinic. There’s never a line and always plenty of detergent. I left my laundry in the dryer this morning. It ran through a cycle and then sat there, because I forgot about it. It didn’t so much “dry” as “freeze.” Antarctica problems.