We’re in it now

A group of about 20 of us ventured out to the sea ice today (4/24/16). 4 vans loaded with enough down jackets that we may have just eradicated an entire species of goose. Today was the last chance to see the sun directly. By about 1230, we were on the sea ice runway awaiting the last glimpse of the sun for the next few months.

We will still have sunlight, we just won’t be able to see the sun.  This was the latest “event” in the procession to the dark of deep winter. Time here is broken into manageable chunks. Beerster. Party at the carp shop (the carpenters decked out their work shop, moved the music equipment up there and had a party with 4 different bands). Today, it was the sunset.

It was visually amazing. But it was also a chance to get out town. There is a never ending search for ways to break up the monotony. So today, as we eagerly waited for the sun to appear, we kicked around a soccer ball on the sea ice runway. People took prom style pictures. That’s it. That’s all she wrote. Today was the last time we were supposed to see the sun for a few months. It never really showed. So that’s it. No more events in the wings until winter. The last flight flew. The sun opted to not even have the decency to show its face one last time.

It’s winter.

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