Lovely weather, eh?

The US plane made it to the ice. A New Zealand flight was scheduled for a few days later. It never made it to the ice. Their national symbol is a flightless bird. Probably should have seen that coming.  After the flight got cancelled, there was a day of grumbling, but life goes on. Preparations had to be made for winter. It’s been a busy week around the station as we prepare for the quiet time.

I was invited to help lock down the fuel depot out on the sea ice runway. Had we done this the day we were initially supposed to, the day of the Kiwi flight that was to deliver our mail and fresh veggies, I would have been on the sea ice in roughly -60F, with some winds and cloudy skies, shutting down the fuel pit. As it turns out, by the time we actually did head out, it was 40 degrees warmer. -20F without a wisp of wind and ample sunshine actually makes for a fairly pleasant day. Coupled with amazing scenery and it was a fantastic break from the clinic.

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