Lovely weather, eh?

The US plane made it to the ice. A New Zealand flight was scheduled for a few days later. It never made it to the ice. Their national symbol is a flightless bird. Probably should have seen that coming.  After the flight got cancelled, there was a day of grumbling, but life goes on. Preparations … More Lovely weather, eh?

Plane crash???

Things can go very south very quick down here. And it’s a bit terrifying. I’m casually getting a cup of coffee and hear “hey doc! You miss something at the clinic?!?!” I turn around and look out the galley windows, which have direct line of sight to the clinic. There is a fire engine and … More Plane crash???

The Safety Leash

The Kiwis are gone. But their exit flight dominated galley conversation for at least a week. There was an almost palpable excitement. Restricted hope. The word was that there were 13 bags of mail. That flight historically is not known for bringing mail or “freshies.” Everyone had been pessimistically hopeful. It was posted on the … More The Safety Leash