All in a day

My medical friends keeping asking….”yeah, but what’s the medicine like down there?”

[yelling across the clinic, cup of coffee in hand] “Hey!! We got a bunch of pregnancy tests coming down the pipeline!! Oh, that reminds me, gotta go fill up the condom bucket”

Pregnancy tests are required to stay on the ice for the winter. Pregnancy is fraught with peril and complication and gets a gal automatically sent home. The free condom buckets are in the men’s and women’s restrooms in the main building to prevent the above being a problem.

Followed by: snotty nose, cough, congestion.

Followed by: New Zealander who fills out his paper work in Kiwi: “wee bits of ply” apparently translates roughly into “small pieces of plywood”. I reckon I’ll be fluent in Kiwi by the end of this.

Followed by: “Sorry bud, dental consult says that tooth has gotta go.” [pulls out pliers, extracts tooth]

[wonders to self] Is the water turned back on? I need to make some coffee.

Sits back down with coffee and book in hand

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