Saving the Princess

Antarctica is often called “the Harsh Continent” and for good reason. It’s a desert. Typically, deserts may have some native peoples scattered about, living on the outskirts and occasionally venturing to the interior. But not here. No natives here. Without modern technology, there is no surviving this place. It’s cold, dry and openly hostile. The only things that live here are water based. You’ve probably seen the “March of the Penguins” and I think we can all agree that penguins are the unassuming, secret hardasses of the animal world.

So what better place to go for a Sunday stroll? Last Sunday, we did the Castle Rock strut. It was lovely. But I noticed afterward that my left heel was bloody. I spent 3 weeks climbing in the high altitude Peruvian Andes in those boots. They should not haven given any blisters, much less decimated my heel. I noticed two small puncture wounds/abrasions on my right flank. Not 100% sure where those would have come from, but they weren’t there prior to heading to Castle Rock. There’s an abrasion over my left eyebrow whose origin I cannot recall. There were no falls, no flying rocks or debris to explain these injuries.

I kind of feel like this is Antarctica saying to me “hey man, this is Antarctica. This was a “mild” day and you’re already bleeding. I’m coming for ya.”

This is going to be fun.




3 thoughts on “Saving the Princess

    1. if you look at the pictures, it’s just a scramble up the backside. There’s a fixed rope in the “interesting” part. Not much too it. Although I did spy a couloir that may have some ice climbing potential. It’s about a 3 mile walk from MCM


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