The Treaty requires that we don’t fuck with the penguins, or any other wildlife for that matter. The general rule is if they run away from you, you’re too close. So if a penguin comes rolling through town, as these three did, everything kind of stops and waits for them. They are as goofy as … More Penguins

All in a day

My medical friends keeping asking….”yeah, but what’s the medicine like down there?” [yelling across the clinic, cup of coffee in hand] “Hey!! We got a bunch of pregnancy tests coming down the pipeline!! Oh, that reminds me, gotta go fill up the condom bucket” Pregnancy tests are required to stay on the ice for the … More All in a day

Saving the Princess

Antarctica is often called “the Harsh Continent” and for good reason. It’s a desert. Typically, deserts may have some native peoples scattered about, living on the outskirts and occasionally venturing to the interior. But not here. No natives here. Without modern technology, there is no surviving this place. It’s cold, dry and openly hostile. The only … More Saving the Princess

The Nitty Gritty

I expected that people would be curious about the romantic, beautiful, butt-ass-cold aspects of Antarctica and so far, that has been the case. However, there has also been a growing curiosity about the day-to-day living. It’s really none too shabby just yet. The first week I was here I was in the main building, Bldg 155. … More The Nitty Gritty


It’s Sunday here. Sundays here mean brunch. Brunch. In Antarctica. It’s quite the event. All week people have been telling me not to miss brunch. “Oh it’s your first week?? DON’T miss brunch!” This morning I had pancakes with strawberries (frozen, appropriately), waffles, frittata and some sort of fruit tart. There was a massive cheese and … More Brunch?

The Eagle has landed

I’m in Antarctica. Now that that’s settled, how’d I get here? Last week I was cruising toward the Gulf in a Dodge Charger, going far faster than I needed to on my way to a hotel room with a view of the water. All for “orientation” which consisted of a lot of paperwork, some ultrasound … More The Eagle has landed

The journey begins

It’s been a nightmare of paperwork. I have a new found respect for all my friends in the military. Dealing with the Fed is a mega-hassle. It’s been a never-ending series of follow-ups and lost paperwork, surprises sprung at the last moment, hoops to jump through, but it’s all happening. I officially have tickets, hotels … More The journey begins