It’s Go-time

My neighbor told me today that my upcoming Antarctica adventure had inspired her to “do something amazing this year.” It got her thinking about going on an extended adventure. I’m pretty sure that means that whatever “it” is, I’m doing “it” right.

The house is almost packed up. I still don’t have all the travel arrangements locked in. I haven’t been officially “Physically Qualified.” But in the words of a wise man….meh. The countdown has begun in earnest.  I’ll leave for Texas to celebrate my birthday with my family in a few days and then I’m off. To Antarctica. It’s finally setting in.

How does one prepare for the winter in Antarctica? I read about a guy who prepared for Everest by going on long runs with snowballs in each hand. Or the Dutch guy who runs through the snow in his Jockies – maybe I should take one of his seminars. I could just hang out with my head in the freezer.

But that all sounds kind of miserable.

So instead, I went to the Caribbean for New Years. The only real way to prepare for the winter wasteland is by sitting on the beach. 6 of us rented a villa on St John. Most days started with a cup of coffee and a cold Coors light. Not really sure why they love Coors light in the Caribbean, but when in Rome, apparently you drink Coors. I went snorkeling with turtles. Dodged stingrays with shouts of “criky!” DSCN0187cake2We all huddled lawn chairs reading books under the awning to wait out a storm. While drinking rum drinks. Because Coors light is a breakfast drink. It was glorious.

There are still a few odds and ends to do. I have to finish packing up and cleaning the house. I have to go skiing (it’s really dumping powder right now, it would irresponsible not to). Hopefully I can get another session or two in at the climbing gym.

Most of the so longs, fair wells, auf weidersehens and even a few good byes have been said. Thanks to all who came to the going away party. It was a fantastic night and a great cake. And Danrung.

I guess this is really happening.

3 thoughts on “It’s Go-time

  1. Hey buddy what is your date in texas …. Were you will be ?

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