It’s official. I am unemployed. I worked my last shift at the hospital last night. I was sent on my merry way with cakes and elk steaks. I felt a bit like a celebrity – even the spouse of one of my patients knew the gig. Although, I really think that has more to do with the gossip level at a small hospital than me. I’ve been offered my job back when/if I return. I’ve been headhunted, of sorts, by a few other gigs as well. Without having sent a single resume out. So there will be work on my return. But who knows when that will be.

It’s all finally setting in. 9 months. Winter. Antarctica.

Time to pack up the house. Sell the truck. It’s all happening. I can’t wait to get on the road.

My travel hasn’t been entirely arranged yet. I still haven’t officially been “Physically Qualified” to go yet, but I’m feeling good. I’m getting itchy to go.

Thanks to everyone at the hospital for putting up with me, fresh out of school,  scatter brained and struggling to get my cardiac enzymes ordered (seriously though. Why is it so difficult? Every 4 hours. Just draw the damn things!).

I stuck tubes in holes. I made new holes and then stuck tubes in them. Tried not to kill anyone. Learned a lot. Failed a lot. Tried again. Let’s hope there is some overlap with my new patient population.

But I really hope there’s a lot less meth on the ice.

One thought on “Unemployed

  1. I’m going to miss you a little bit
    Safe travels home skillet. And please, do me a solid.
    Don’t come back here.


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